Steve Luvender

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Trading Paints

Race car painting community.

Liquid Interactive

UX lead by day.



A backspace-free tool for flow-focused writing, featuring Sean McCabe.

A pledge to end distracted driving.




Complete as many laps as possible. Park the car before you crash.

Actions Detrimental

Cards Against Humanity meets NASCAR.

Random Fantasy Racing

Fantasy NASCAR racing based on luck.

Ricky vs. Trevor

Once a sponsor of NASCAR XFINITY Series race cars (and a YouTube series), Roush Fenway Racing let their domain lapse—creating an opportunity for a fun game. You’re either on #TeamRicky or #TeamTrevor.

NASCAR Generators

NASCAR All-Star Race Format Generator

Make up a NASCAR All-Star Race format for the ages.

NASCAR Rumor Mill Generator

Making up NASCAR Silly Season rumors.

NASCAR Fan Complaint Generator

Whip up a standard-issue NASCAR fan complaint.

Daytona 500 Finishing Order Generator

What if the Daytona 500 were a true lottery?

NASCAR 2016 Chase Grid Generator

If you’re having trouble filling out your Chase Grid, consider yourself covered.

NASCAR Media Day Interview Generator

Pre-season NASCAR Media Day speeches share a lot of similarities.

Cole Pearn Insult Generator

#FeelThePearn like you’re Joey Logano on Twitter.

NASCAR Clickbait Title Generator

Make your own click-grabbing NASCAR headline.

Restrictor Plate Racing Solution Generator

Ideas to solve wild, dangerous racing in NASCAR.

Spencer Gallagher Name Generator

Perfect if you’re tired of calling him by his real name.

Denny Hamlin Name Generator

His real name gets misprinted enough anyway.

NASCAR Cup Series Sponsor Generator

Who’s going to replace Sprint after 2016? Good question.

NASCAR Halloween Costume Generator

Need a NASCAR-themed idea for your Halloween party?

Martin Truex Jr. Post-Race Report Generator

Generate a post-race write-up for the bad luck-plagued Martin Truex Jr.

Jimmie Johnson Nickname Generator

Since Jimmie Johnson won his seventh NASCAR championship, he needs a new nickname to replace “Ol’ Six-Time”

Twitter Bots


Random NASCAR status Twitter bot.


Random NASCAR headline-generating Twitter bot.


Live Tweeting a fictional, 24-hour, never-ending race.


Randomly Tweeting Actions Detrimental (NASCAR + Cards Against Humanity) combinations.


Random “One thing. A second thing. A third thing. Pick two.” Twitter bot.


Daily countdown of the 2017 Daytona 500, as *not* requested by Denny Hamlin.

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Speaking & Teaching

I love talking about User Experience and Product Design. Teaching others helps me share my knowledge.

Steve Luvender speaking

Steve Luvender speaking

Steve Luvender speaking

Steve Luvender speaking

Steve Luvender speaking

Steve Luvender speaking

Video Recaps

Other Talks

How to Build an Engaging Web Presence (Liquid Interactive Lunch & Learn)

December 2014

Marketing in the Digital Age: Advertising, Blogging, SEO (Lehigh Valley TechFest)

November 2013